Cereals Astigi, he presents new image, for his RURAL fodder F-11 POWER, excellent East animal food is a mixture of cereals destined to field birds. Ideal results are obtained especially in fighting cocks. The new RURAL packing F-11 POWER exposes colors and texts to bring the buyers of the product over and to follow the innovative existing trend on the markets. With this new image the positioning market of the product is improved. As manufacturer Cereales Astigi, leader of the sector, always bets for the development and improvement of the image of his products and brands, reinforcing and endorsing, at all time, the commercial projection to the distributors of his products.


Three consecutive years has been involved Astigi Cereals in SICAB.
The international show horse, is the most important trade fair worldwide that are dedicated to one breed of horses, the Spanish purebred. It is held every year around the third weekend in November and includes a series of complementary activities that provide a representative sample of the characteristics for the Pure Spanish Horse has been admired throughout history. These activities include the Championship of Spain morphological ANCCE Cup Dressage Cup ANCCE Doma Vaquera and the evening show.


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